Rock Supplies is equipped with a recording studio ready for recording demo’s, singles and professional albums. The recording studio is comprised of a control room and our largest rehearsal room.

The studio is equiped with a broad range of recording devices. It is possible to record live with entire bands, as well as doing larger productions including multiple dubs. It’s also possible to have your music mixed here – we also have external contacts for mastering.

Wanna know what’s posisble in our studio? Have a listen to The Jig’s album Proximo Disco, displayed below. This band has always practiced at Rock Supplies and has also recorded and mixed this album in our studio. The studio is run by Max de Kok and Dimiti Gelens and can only be booked with producer / engineer.

(ex. VAT)
Full day recording incl. live-room: €250,-
Full day recording or mixing (control room only): €175,-

06 1520 5645


Rock Supplies is also open for maintenance of all sorts of instruments. Maintenance includes professionally adjusting (bass) guitars, amp revision and overhaul or refretting your guitar.

Make an appointment or drop by with your instrument to receive a price inquiry of your specific maintenance needs. Alternatively, we can send quotations – depending on the case at hand.


At Rock Supplies you can rent all the equipment necessary for performances – think drumkits, guitar/bass setups and vocal installations. Prices for our rental equipment can be found on the full pricing page.

For rental periods stretching multiple days, please contact us – we will send you an obligation free quote.


Questions? Fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you!